Weighing Indicator IT Series 5410

Weighing Indicator IT Series 5410

HMT Intelligent terminal has been designed for high precision weighing applications.

  • Front Panel or Desk mounted

  • Control inputs / out

  • Remote display / teminal

  • Communication from supervisory system (MODBUS, RS-232)

  • Asynchronous serial data interface (RS-232, RS-485)

  • Connect up to 12 Nos. of Load Cell.

  • Auto Calibration & Multi stage Calibration gives better reliability.

In case of alpha numerical operation as for platform or batching processes it is recommendable to use the compact weighing terminal.

    Customer Specific benefits
  • Easy and comfortable operating

  • Easy calibration procedure

  • Customized print layout can be done

  • Calibration and configurations

  • IP 67 Protected enclosure also available

Typical weighbridge, batching and on-board weighing software available.