Truck Scale

HMT Group has built premium quality and various range of Truck Weighbridge. Over 500 installation of Pitless weighbridge accross India. HMT is one of the most reliable weighbridge (Pitless Weighbridge) manufacturers in India.

Truck Scale
    HSMC Weighbridge is distinguished by its:
  • Compact dimensions

  • Digital & Analog load-cell technology

  • Strength

  • Versatility

  • Durability
    Types of WeighBridges
  • Fully Electronics WeighBridge

  • Semi – Electronics Weigh Bridge

  • Mechanical Weigh Bridge (Lever System)
    Advantages Weighbridge
  • 60 % lower civil construction cost of Pit-Less Weighbridge against Pit-Type Weighbridge

  • Maintenance is easy as all parts are accessible above ground level.

  • Due to the Guiding Girders available in Pit – Type Structure on both sides vertically; manipulation in the weights cannot be done. For Perfect & Accurate weighing, Truck should stay ideally on the Weighbridge Deck as whole.

  • Problem of Pit maintenance is eliminated.

  • less complex foundation requirement

  • fewer problems with water drainage

  • As the speed of the vehicle will be reduced due to the ramps on each sides of weighbridge, due to which the platform alignment and load cell safety will be maintained.