Mechanical Weighbridge

Mechanical Weighbridge

Lorry weighbridge are manufactured according to IS 1436-1960 and other reliable IS specifications model approval by O.I.M.L. and Weights & Measures Rules (Govt. of India) 3-Lever system, 5-Lever system, 7-Lever system.

Sr. No Model Platform size Capacity Major Bar Major Bar
01 HMT 662 6600X2700 30000kg. 30000x1000kg. 1000x5kg.
02 HMT 663 6600X3000 30000kg. 30000x1000kg. 1000x5kg.
03. HMT 753 7500X3000 40000kg. 40000x1000kg. 1000x5kg.
04. HMT 903 9000x3000 50000kg. 50000x1000kg. 1000x5kg.
05. HMT 123 12000X3000 60000kg. 60000x1000kg. 1000x10kg.
06. HMT 163 16000X3000 60000kg. 60000x1000kg. 1000x10kg.

Constructed of heavy 12mm thick mild steel plates, ribbed with antiskids ribs.

Lever System
3/537 lever system made from IS:2062 Structural Steel.

Knife & Edges
Made from Alloy tool steel.

Steel Yard
The notches are machine cut & a notch protection bar is provided as also a looking device.

The index strip is suitable inclined for easy reading.

Robust in construction with ample safety margin above wighing capacity.

All parts finished with Redoxide and Anti-Corrosive Paints.