HMT ES Series - Truck Scale

ES Series Truck Scale

“True” Hermetically Sealed Load cell with Inert Gas Filled and Made From 17 – 4Ph Stainless Steel having IP68 and IP69k Enclosure Inbuilt Surge Protection

Surface Finish 2 coats of air drying Epoxy Polyamide resin based red oxide – Zinc Phosphate & 2 coats of two pack air drying high build Epoxy Polyamide resin based paint. (Special Paint Options as per customer requirement)

Installation: It can be installed in pit, semi pit and above ground

Warranty: 1 Year on Weighing Electronics + 5 Years on Weighbridge Deck

  • Gross capacity : 30t to 200t

  • Platform Length : 3m to 28m

  • Platform Width : 3m, 3.5m & 4m

  • CLC 45tons : (95,000lb)

  • Span Deflection Ratio : 1:1300